Not your average 5K…

Running a 5K was once cool, but is now sooo 2012. These days, when you run a 5K, you do it in costume. Or barefoot. Or being hunted by zombies. Or, “muddy”:

Mud runs, basically 5Ks with obstacles, mud flats and other accoutrements are all the rage, and now also come in a family version! This Saturday, the Big Muddy Challenge takes place. And while registration has ended yesterday, some race-day spots should be available if you come early. The race is completed as a team of two – one parent and one child, age 6-12. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Not especially geared towards kids, but “for all ages” (kids under 7 run free and strollers are welcome) is a completely different race one week later, the Electric Run. Basically a linear rave, but possibly healthier and more fun, you don as many glow sticks and LED lights as you can find, and immerse yourself in a glowing, flickering landscape with pumping music.

With all these options – don’t take your kids to a dull, old school 5K!

Twinkle, twinkle little star…

As part of NC Science Fest, several astronomers’ groups are offering stargazing opportunities to the general public. The weather should clear up just in time for sunset tonight, and viewing conditions should be moderately good.

There are two good viewing areas outside the light pollution of downtown: Ebenezer Church Rec Area by Jordan Lake and Annie Louise Wilkerson MD Nature Preserve in North Raleigh. The event in North Raleigh starts at 8pm. Jordan Lake has less light pollution, but only starts at 9pm.


47:366 by justageek, used under the CC BY-NC-ND license.

Night at the (Science) Museum (2/23/2013)

So your good friend at the office bragged about that they are going the Marbles sleepover, and how it is oh-so-sad that you didn’t secure tickets in time? (Registration closed Wednesday.) Don’t despair, Daddy Weekly to the rescue: The Museum of Life and Science has a sleepover too this weekend!

And while spending the night at Marbles in your favorite exhibit is a special treat (the money machine would be cool, or build your own big brick house for the night), going to the less familiar museum in Durham may be enticing as well. They do have a neat program, with multiple light-out times, and special activities before bedtime. Tickets are $35 (kids under 3 free), and that includes dinner and breakfast.

Canada Science and Technology Museum by cstmweb, used under the CC BY-NC-ND license

Canada Science and Technology Museum by cstmweb, used under the CC BY-NC-ND license. Spending the night sleeping next to a giant steam engine? Another good reason for having kids!

Night Owls and Candle Magic (11/17/2012)

Blue Jay Point County Park has an intriguing event this Saturday night. “Night Owls and Candle Magic” is an outdoors event at night, so prepare accordingly. Bring a travel mug for the hot cocoa, and a baby backpack for the kids, since strollers are not allowed. (And neither are dogs.)

There are some craft activities etc. at the education center, combined with a 40min walk, illuminated by candle light, through the night forest. Have your kids never walked through the woods at night? Then do take them to this event, where they can explore the magic of a night in the woods in a safe setting.

No pre-registration is required, but make sure you read the flyer to determine suitability for your kids. Add dress for the weather. Saturday, 6:30pm-9:00pm. Here are directions. It is a half hour drive, but worth it.

Image is Rohan’s Owl by My AngelG, used under the CC-BY license

Briefly noted (6/22/2012-6/24/2012)

Since the two featured events (Garbage Truck Rodeo and Kirby Derby) are somewhat similar, I’d like to mention a host of alternatives. As always, check websites etc. for details, I have not researched these events in detail.

First off, on Friday night, Historic Stagville in Durham is hosting a stargazing and stroytelling event together with the Morehead Planetarium. This event repeats fromtime to time, and I definitely want to go one day.

Secondly, Lake Crabtree County Park has a program called Creepy Crawlies on Saturday from 9a-11a (But  you MUST pre-register today.) Less creepy, but also crawly is the ladybug release party at Marbles.

Another exciting event that would’ve deserved its own article (but is more for older kids and adults) is the Reenactment of events from the War of 1812, organized by the City Museum of Raleigh. It consists of a series of events at the Capitol, Mordecai and the museum itself (Not all directed at and suitable for children.)

Last but not least, Marbles has a Science Solver guest star from the NC Zoo on Sunday and there is an Antique Car Auction at the fairgrounds Friday and Saturday.