Briefly Noted

Long-time readers will remember the “Briefly Noted” articles I sometimes add to the newsletter; this week, there was no clear front-runner for an article, so I take the liberty to just include one larger Briefly Noted, with a wider variety of topics.

First off, the City of Raleigh Museum hosts a Family Day from 1p-3p on Saturday. (A rather short 2-hour-day then, come to think of it.)

Kids music band Sandbox is playing the concert in the park at Fletcher, and they celebrate the release of their new CD on Sunday from 6p-8p.

Kids Exchange (consignment sale) is also taking place this weekend at the fairgrounds.

You may not know, but our Muslim friends are currently celebrating Ramadan, the annual months of fasting. During Ramadan, eating is only permitted before sunrise and after sunset, which brings along lavish dinners once the sun goes down. The Divan Center in Cary is hosting such a dinner every night at 8p this weekend, with Turkish delicacies like Döner or Baklava, and children’s activities like face painting.

Independence Day 2012

Here some ideas to celebrate Independence Day:

Best fireworks for kids: First, if you can’t wait until tomorrow (or want the kids to see the fireworks and sleep in the next day), don’t be uppity and head out to Garner tonight. Their fireworks are earlier, the symphony is playing, and it is probably less crowded than “The ‘Works” in Raleigh tomorrow. Garner Independence Day Celebration, 5p-8p, July-3rd.

Best neighborhood parade: If you’re lucky enough to live in University Park, you have your very own Independence Day Parade right in your heighborhood. Firetrucks and Locopops; need I say more? University Park Independence Day Parade, 9:45am, July-4.

Best children’s parade: A bit out of the way, but specifically dubbed a children’s parade: Wake Forest Independence Day Children Parade, 10:30am, July-4.

Best parade that includes a splash-down from a fire truck: The Apex festivities include karaoke, inflatables and street performers in the morning and end with a parade and an opportunity to “cool off under the spray of the Apex Fire Department’s fire hose“. Town of Apex Olde Fashioned Fourth of July, activities 9a-12p, parade 12:00pm, July-4.

Best “let’s turn Independence Day into a three-day-festival”: As every year, Durham is hosting the Festival for the Eno with tons of activities. Festival for the Eno. Wed July-4, Sat. July-7, Sun. July-8.

And of course, there is also the Independence Day Celebration of the City of Raleigh which, following the overall trend, has moved from the fairgrounds to downtown and will take over Fayetteville Street and surrounding areas. Everything will be there, from a Reading of the Declaration of Independence to Arts Vendors to Circus to Music to Beer Tasting to, of course, at the end, Fireworks. This year, the Rotary Club will release 100 firefly lantern as a special treat at 9:30pm just before the fireworks. The ‘Works, 11am-10pm, July-4.

Also note that while the downtown museums (Science, History, Marbles) are open, the Art Museum is closed.

Fireworks Finish Up Raleigh Wide Open by abbyladybug, used under the CC BY-NC license


Briefly noted (6/22/2012-6/24/2012)

Since the two featured events (Garbage Truck Rodeo and Kirby Derby) are somewhat similar, I’d like to mention a host of alternatives. As always, check websites etc. for details, I have not researched these events in detail.

First off, on Friday night, Historic Stagville in Durham is hosting a stargazing and stroytelling event together with the Morehead Planetarium. This event repeats fromtime to time, and I definitely want to go one day.

Secondly, Lake Crabtree County Park has a program called Creepy Crawlies on Saturday from 9a-11a (But  you MUST pre-register today.) Less creepy, but also crawly is the ladybug release party at Marbles.

Another exciting event that would’ve deserved its own article (but is more for older kids and adults) is the Reenactment of events from the War of 1812, organized by the City Museum of Raleigh. It consists of a series of events at the Capitol, Mordecai and the museum itself (Not all directed at and suitable for children.)

Last but not least, Marbles has a Science Solver guest star from the NC Zoo on Sunday and there is an Antique Car Auction at the fairgrounds Friday and Saturday.

Briefly mentioned 6/8/2012

Introductory note: Every week while looking for the best events of the upcoming weekend, I come across multiple events that are noteworthy but don’t make the cut. Going forward, I’d like to mention some of them in brief form, without detailed research. Make sure to check the websites etc. for detailed directions, times, etc.

First off, I’d like to mentioned Peter Lamb & the Wolves, a local jazz band that will be at Music on the Porch. There is more live music on Sunday, when bluegrass locals “Grass Street” play at the museum of history.

Two evening event for the older ones tonight (6/8) sound exciting: The Cat in the Hat will be at the Barnes and Noble in Cary (7p), and there is a Lightning Bug tour in Pullen Park (8:30p, registration required). Both are for age 5 and older.

Finally, if the 90 degree weather gets too much, visit the Art Museum and their Family Fun Saturday: Art in Nature program (10am and 1pm).