The Daddy Weekly bids farewell…

The time has come to say goodbye – at least a little bit. It has been a little over two years since I came up with the idea of writing a newsletter and starting a website about “Things to do with Kids in Raleigh”. 90 Newsletters and 200 Articles later, covering just about any of the regularly reoccurring events, the time may have come to give some other interests more space. It has been a great and fun experience building this project and looking back on what it has become.
From a just small handful of friends from Boylan Heights and Country Day in early 2012, the list of email subscribers has grown and expanded steadily. I remember the excitement when the first person I didn’t know subscribed, and it is now rare that I recognize new subscribers; just a fellow mom or dad (or a grandparent) who is curious and wants to do something special with their kids this coming weekend This is very exciting to watch. The website sees thousands of visitors, even from faraway countries (which still surprises me given the local interest). People started asking me about it (“oh you’re the one who does that!”) and send emails about how their experience at events was. Short, a lot of joy and good vibes all around.
So it is certainly with sadness that I come to the conclusion to dial it back; but it happened more and more frequently that the Thursday evening all-nighters became a chore, and I think this would eventually show in the quality of the writing and the articles as well.

Which brings me to the most important part: A massive THANK YOU to all of you. First to all the email subscribers, website visitors, and twitter followers; you were the motivation that kept me going and gave me that sense of urgency to keep hitting that “Publish” button every week. Then to my wonderful wife who always supported me and and let me sneak away to go write the Daddy Weekly every Thursday night. Also to all those who gave feedback, pointed out events, and reminded me of upcoming happenings. And lastly, to this wonderful city and surrounding area with its abundance of fun things to do for all ages.

So with that: Happy weekend, Farewell, and all the Best for 2014!

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