The DaddyThis website in in archive mode. (NO new events and recommendations are added, existing contents is corrected sporadically. Let me know if you find a mistake, and always verify with the event itself before making plans to go.)

Daddy Weekly is a resource for dads (and moms) in Raleigh, NC. Daddy Weekly is free, it does not have ads, and I’m not paid for anything I write. This is a hobby, and I want it to stay that way. My reward is the joy in doing this, and every new subscriber puts a smile on my face. The best way to participate is by signing up for the weekly newsletter.

If you’re like the author, in a previous life you checked out newspapers and blogs about concerts, parties and other happenings. Now it is more about play dates, nature walks and Pixar movies. Nevertheless, a good source for the latest events is always useful. I don’t intend to list everything going on; many commercial pages do that already.  I focus on curating an interesting selection and focus on 2-3 events per week.

Daddy Weekly is was published weekly as a newsletter on Fridays at noon during 2012 and 2013 – just in time for the weekend. A blog/website provides further details and is growing into a directory of locations and recurring events.

Description of events and recommendations reflects my own opinion and I do not get compensated by anybody for writing this. Writing about an upcoming event does not mean endorsement. You still need your own best fatherly or motherly judgment whether the event is right for you and your child.

See also some legal notices and my attribution and via policies. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

[Last reviewed December 2014]

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