Night Owls and Candle Magic (11/17/2012)

Blue Jay Point County Park has an intriguing event this Saturday night. “Night Owls and Candle Magic” is an outdoors event at night, so prepare accordingly. Bring a travel mug for the hot cocoa, and a baby backpack for the kids, since strollers are not allowed. (And neither are dogs.)

There are some craft activities etc. at the education center, combined with a 40min walk, illuminated by candle light, through the night forest. Have your kids never walked through the woods at night? Then do take them to this event, where they can explore the magic of a night in the woods in a safe setting.

No pre-registration is required, but make sure you read the flyer to determine suitability for your kids. Add dress for the weather. Saturday, 6:30pm-9:00pm. Here are directions. It is a half hour drive, but worth it.

Image is Rohan’s Owl by My AngelG, used under the CC-BY license

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