Briefly Noted

Long-time readers will remember the “Briefly Noted” articles I sometimes add to the newsletter; this week, there was no clear front-runner for an article, so I take the liberty to just include one larger Briefly Noted, with a wider variety of topics.

First off, the City of Raleigh Museum hosts a Family Day from 1p-3p on Saturday. (A rather short 2-hour-day then, come to think of it.)

Kids music band Sandbox is playing the concert in the park at Fletcher, and they celebrate the release of their new CD on Sunday from 6p-8p.

Kids Exchange (consignment sale) is also taking place this weekend at the fairgrounds.

You may not know, but our Muslim friends are currently celebrating Ramadan, the annual months of fasting. During Ramadan, eating is only permitted before sunrise and after sunset, which brings along lavish dinners once the sun goes down. The Divan Center in Cary is hosting such a dinner every night at 8p this weekend, with Turkish delicacies like Döner or Baklava, and children’s activities like face painting.

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