NC Junior Beef Round-Up (Sat/Sun 6/1-2, 2013)

Update: Scroll down for a video I took this morning

Were you a member of the 4-H as a kid? If so, you can go back to your roots this weekend. (And let me know, I’m curious to hear the story.) If you weren’t, even better to get you some real farm experience.

Even though I featured the Beef Round-Up last year, I didn’t make it there, but I’m hoping to go this year. You can basically think if as a dog show, only that the middle-aged ladies with their poodles are replaced by farm boys and girls and their livestock.

There is not too much information for visitors (I’m not even 100% sure if this is open to the public), and the website has not too much information. We’ll see! Update: Walter Earle with NCSU commented that this is indeed open to the public. Thank you, Walter!


4H Cows By Lewis Hines [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. This is image is from Charleston WV, and was taken back in 1921.

Here is a video from the event I took today.

Video from the NC Beef Round-Up 2013

Caribbean Instrument Petting Zoo (5/25 2p)

This Saturday, the Cameron Village will turn into a zoo of sorts, but no animals will be there; no, the “petting zoo” will be filled with exotic instruments from various Caribbean islands and from Nigeria. Members of the Raleigh/Durham Afro-Caribbean Association will show the instruments and provide opportunities to explore them up close.

Zoppe Family Circus in Raleigh (5/17-5/19, 2013)


Update: We didn’t make it to the circus unfortunately, but a fellow local blogger (and clown!) wrote a very nice three-post series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) with many pictures about his visit to the Zoppe Family Circus. Go have a look!

I featured another circus a few weeks ago, and we’ll remember that one fondly as our family’s first circus experience. But depending on how the weekend pans out, we may go to the circus again, since Zoppe promises a small intimate circus right within walking distance.

Zoppe is a family circus, and its history is a marvelous read: Back in 1842 (no typo), a young clown from France (Napoline Zoppe) fell in love with an equestrian ballerina in Budapest, Hungary, much to the chagrin of the ballerina’s father. A clown just didn’t cut it. The young lovers ran away to Venice Italy and founded the circus. Napoline’s great-grandson Alberto came to the US to work for Ringling Brothers (in exchange for an elephant), and brought the circus over here. He performed in the circus until recently, well into his 80s, and today the circus is run by his son Giovanni, great-great-grandson of Napoline and pictured above as clown Nino.

Zoppe features clowns, acrobats, horses and dancing dogs. They perform Friday – Sunday in front of the Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts. No online tickets – Advance Tickets at the box office or at the door.

Image (c) Zoppe Family Circus.

Play a Public Piano (5/15-5/30)

As part of Artsplosure, the City has placed six artfully adorned pianos at various downtown locations. The public is invited to play them – no skills required! The pianos are placed at the following locations:

  • outside City Hall (Hargett&Dawson)
  • in front of Duke Energy Center
  • on City Plaza
  • in City Market (across from Big Ed’s)
  • in Moore Square (by Marbles)
  • in Marbles’ courtyard



Photo (c) City of Raleigh.

Got to be NC Festival 2013

Do you feel like the State Fair is a “must-see” for your kids, but do you loathe the crazy crowds? Try the Got to Be NC Festival instead.

Less crowded, less crazy, more family-friendly, more exciting. You still get all the main State Fair ingredients (rides, tractor pulls, lawn mower racing, farm animals, fried food), but in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The event kicks off Friday afternoon and continues through Sunday. Admission and parking is free.


Image (c) NC Department of Agriculture.

High-brow trash: Rhythm in your Rubbish with the NC symphony (3/9/2013)

Trash + symphony = …?

The NC Symphony Kids Series culminates this weekend with the widely anticipated (ok, by me anyway) “Rhythm in your Rubbish”, a performance that brings together our NC Symphony with Toronto-based Platypus Theatre, a troupe that specializes in quirky performances for kids together with a classical orchestra.

Rhythm in your Rubbish is suitable for kids 4-12, and there will be two performances on Saturday (at 1p and 4p). Both are pretty well sold, but some seats are still available.

Theater, Old or New (Mar 2013)

There are multiple options to see a play this weekend, two of which we’ll look at in detail. The newest addition to the Raleigh theater scene is Storybook Theater, playing at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in its inaugural season! Rapunzel will let her hair down this weekend, and Winnie the Pooh and Dora the Explorer will follow later this year. I’m curious about this new venture and what it will bring.

 On the other end of the old/new spectrum is Raleigh Little Theater, built in 1935 by the Works Progress Administration, and has seen stars like Ava Gardner and Andy Griffith perform on its stage. They are performing Snow White, but perhaps in a different version from what you know…

Raleigh Little Theater Rose Garden by Smythe Richbourg

Sports, Now or Later (Mar 2013)

If you like quick decisions, you got about 6 hours. At 7pm tonight, the Harlem Globetrotters are performing live at the PNC arena. If that is too soon, here an early notice for another event next week: Join Kidical Mass, a bicycle event for kids, and the culmination of Oaks and Spokes, a weeklong event celebrating the Daddy’s favorite means of transportation: The Bicycle.

Harlem Globetrotters by Battle Creek CVB

Raleigh Car Show (Auto Expo) (Feb 2013)

New cars and old cars are both on display at the “2013 North Carolina International Auto Expo”. But that isn’t all: Both the GEICO gecko and Spider-Man are slated for an appearance, making the case that this is definitely intended to be a family affair. Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for kids (under 6 free), and you can save another dollar by printing a coupon from the (also antique?) website.

Saturday 9-5:30, Sunday 10-5, Spiderman on Saturday 11-2.

Ford GT & 2005 Ford Mustang GT-R Concept

Ford GT & 2005 Ford Mustang GT-R Concept by StanD70, on Flickr

Mardi Gras Warm-up Party (Feb 2013)

While the Daddy Weekly distinctly focuses on Downtown Raleigh, every once in a while, a trip to Durham is worthwhile. And when two big names – Motorco and Scrap Exchange – work together, some good usually comes out of it.

This Saturday from 4-6, Motorco in Durham is hosting a Mardi Grad costume making party. Costume making supplies are provided FREE OF CHARGE from Scrap Exchange.

The Blue Tailed Skins will play. There will be fun.

Later that day, at 8, a similar event is held for the grown-ups.

MotorCo, Durham, Saturday 4-6. With ScrapExchange.