2nd Annual Family Science Olympiad (7/28/2012)

I’ve added some tips to get away from the 100 degree weather in previous posts, with one recommendation notably absent: Marbles. Marbles is cool, in many ways; cool things to do, and of course cool enough even in the heat of summer.

This Saturday, for all those who didn’t quite make it to London, they are hosting a Family Science Olympiad where you can prove your science skills in direct use for what I would call “competitive crafts projects”. (Drop an egg without breaking it; launch rockets; …) This designed to be completed as a family team, so you’ll have a good bonding opportunity over shared problem solving and shared success – or the lack thereof!

Marbles Kids Museum; 1pm-4pm; free (with admission)

Science Olympiad by Art Jessen, used under the CC BY-NC license

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