Alloy Orchestra’s Not for Kids Only (7/28/2012)

As our children probably grow up with interactive apps and games and movies that are at least 3D, they probably decry a regular movie theater experience as old school. Well, here’s your chance to show them what old school really is: Movies. Silent movies. In Black and White! And just like in the roaring twenties, the movies will be accompanied by live performers, and this is where the uniqueness comes in: Not some random piano player, but Alloy Orchestra, declared by film critic Roger Ebert to be “The best in the world at accompanying silent film.” They are performing at the NC Museum of Art, and there is special kids’ performance in the afternoon.

I previewed some of the movies they list in their program (they are all on Youtube), and Alloy Orchestra has a couple of excerpts on their website. I recommend you preview and decide if this is a fit for your kids – at any rate, the live music performance will make this an exciting experience. The 2pm program lasts about an hour, and is indoors.

NC Museum of Art, $12 for adults, $6 for 3-12. Tickets still available. Saturday, 2pm.

The image is Buster Keaton (obtained from the library of congress).

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