Festival in Motion (9/29/2012)

Last year, I think I stumbled upon the Festival in Motion by accident on one of my green-way walks. This year, I’ll make a point to go again. If you haven’t been on the greenway system much, this is an excellent “show case” opportunity, Because with some planning, you can check out

  • Eliza Pool Park
  • Walnut Creek Wetland Center
  • Chavis Park
  • Rocky Branch Greenway
  • Walnut Creek Greenway
  • Little Rock Greenway

All in one loop! See a custom map that I’ve put together, which is a (long) loop walk for anyone living in downtown  proper or nearby. Here is how you could spend your Saturday:

  • Head out along Rocky Branch to Eliza Pool Park, where starting at 11am there will be a bike decorationg session.
  • Around noon (I guess), the decorated bikes will parade along Walnut Creek Greenway to the Walnut Creek Wetland Center with a police escort. Either ride with the bike parade, or head out a bit earlier and watch them ride by.
  • At the Walnut Creek Wetland Center you’ll find food trucks, live music and other assorted merrymaking, culminating in a 5K in the early afternoon
  • Head back toward downtown along Little Rock Greenway, stop for a snack and some more play at the awesome Chavis Park playground
  • Head back top downtown along Chavis Way and Lenoir St.

I’ve walked (and biked) this loop several times now, and it truly is an excellent cross section of Raleigh Parks and Rec; note that this is 6.25 mi, and thus 2-3 hours of walking, breaks not included. Plan to be out for most of the day…

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