Explore Rhythm (7/14/2012)

Drums are probably the oldest musical instrument that humans use. (Maybe even older than voice!) Likewise, only of the earliest childhood experiences is the cause-effect relationship of hitting something and the resulting “bang”-sounds. Hit, hit, hit – bang-bang-bang, and you got music; at least in some people’s ears.

Davis Farmers Market by basykes, used under the CC-BY licenseMusic Explorium takes these ideas a step further and allows kids and adults to explore music in a variety of ways, from kids birthday parties to corporate retreat drum cycles. Every second Saturday, they are hosting a Family Rhythm Jam. Kids (3+) can explore the feeling of rhythm with a variety of percussion instruments and drums.

Music Explorium is less than half an hour from downtown Raleigh on Hwy 40. (One exit before Southpoint.) I haven’t been myself, but I’m looking forward to checking it out when my boy turns three.

5314 Hwy 55, Suite 107 Durham, NC 27713
919-484-9090 http://www.musicexplorium.com

Family Rhythm Jams take place every second Saturday of the month from 10-11. Kids 3 and older only.

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