Father’s Day (6/17/12)

This is going to be a great one for The Daddy, since there are now two kids wishing Happy Father’s Day!

“The Perfect Father’s Day” is a personal choice, and to not make this based on just my perspective, I reached out to a couple other dads and Daddy Weekly readers. Here the compiled results of the non-scientific, non-representative Father’s Day survey:

The Day: Two common attributes were “outside” and “relaxed“. Whether grilling in the backyard, sitting by the pool or taking an easy hike: Dads like to get out, and “relaxing” can get quite active when kids are involved. (However, few would turn down a cold drink and a game on TV once the kids are in bed.

The Gift: Hmm, socks? a tie? One thing to remember is that guys like things that can be used. (Socks are worn, not used. An automatic fairway range finder with built in golf ball detector, that’s something you use.) So something practical is always a winner. And with 67% of dads doing at least some of the cooking these days, this just might be a cookbook. Another theme was a personalized gift from the kids. Believe it or not, but a coffee mug (practical) with a photo of the kids (personalized) may be all that daddy is hoping for. (And I can personally attest how nice it is to have a kids’ photo in the office.)

The Hike: But enough lofty talk – here comes my practical tip for the day: Pack up the kids and go for a hike in a nice park. Here are three options, complete with maps – so dad can relax and mom as well. All three are at lakes and at least partially in the shade:

0.80 miles in Oak View Park – what a nice park! http://goo.gl/maps/JXlt
1.12 miles in Yates Mill Park – what a nice mill!  http://goo.gl/maps/5Tup
2.36 miles in Bond Park – yes, Cary has park too! http://goo.gl/maps/Ong0

For directions to each park, just click on the P symbol and then “directions”.

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