Elmo is coming! Sesame Street Live (6/1/2012-6/3/2012)

Who doesn’t love charming and cute little Elmo. “E-E-Elmo is coming to Raleigh! Hee hee hee ha ha ha!” Sesame Street Live brings the well known characters from Sesame Street to a stage near you, and they will be at the PNC Arena this weekend.

The show is “Elmo’s Super Heroes” (with “fun lessons on healthy habits” that will “turn your children in super heroes, too”) and shows start at the following times:

Friday, Jun-1: 10:30am
Friday, Jun-1: 7:00pm
Saturday, Jun-2: 10:30am
Saturday, Jun-2: 2:00pm
Saturday, Jun-2: 5:30pm
Sunday, Jun-3: 2:00pm

Tickets (from about $20-$40) are available at ticketmaster. Helpful information for parents can be found here.

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