NC Junior Beef Round-Up (6/2/2012-6/3/2012)

This is about the 2012 event, which I did not visit; the 2013 Beef Round-Up is on 6/1-2.

I’ve found that the website of the State Fairgrounds is a treasure trove of unique event, some agriculture related, and some not. This one is definitely about agriculture, more specifically about Beef. It is actually so much about beef and farming that I admittedly have a hard time even finding out what is going on. This much is clear: It is about beef (cows, calf, steer) and about ‘farm youth’ (I gather that includes an age range from 6-22.) Farm youth with show their skills and showmanship with their animals, and other “family activities that involve cattle…”

Their website is more or less a collection of perhaps somewhat cryptic word docs, so I recommend to just go out there over the weekend and see what is happening. Judging from previous excursions to agricultural events, this will be a hootenanny for sure. Starts at 7:30am, both Saturday and Sunday.

If you do go, PLEASE let me know how it was!

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