Brick Magic Lego Festival (5/19-20/2012)

Are you an AFOL building MOCs?* If so, you’ve probably already heard that Brick Magic is taking place this weekend. Brick Magic is probably best described as a Lego trade show; yes, kids are allowed to attend as well. If you haven’t discovered the subculture of adults playing with Legos, it is time to end the Dark Ages (among AFOLs, that is the time after you stopped playing with Legos until you start again) and join the fray.

The event is taking place at the Hilton North Raleigh (on Wake Forest Rd., just past the belt line) and is less geared towards the Duplo crowd; there is no age limit, but it focuses on the regular-sized Legos. There is an “open-play” room with 20,000 bricks, you can help build a 5ft-tall Star Wars Death Star, meet a mini-fig customizer, watch a robotics competition, or learn to make a brick movie.

Saturday 10-5 and Sunday from 10-4; tickets are $12 and $8 (under 16). Hilton North Raleigh, 3415 Wake Forest Road.

*Adult Fan Of Lego building My Own Creations (custom designs instead of sets).

PLAY!040 by Citta di Modena, used under the CC BY-NC-SA license

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