Mother’s Day – Two Quick Outings (5/13/12)

Opinions differ about how Mother’s Day is best celebrated: Dad takes care of kids, and Mom has a relaxing Sunday? Or the family spends time together celebrating their beloved mother?

Both versions can work, and the two events below fit that program; they are “quick and easy outings”, that to keep the kids occupied while mama is at the spa. Or they can be family outings that keep everybody together without being too stressful for the parents.

One option is the Mother’s May Day Hike at Yates Mill park. A one-hour stroll (11am-12pm) around the lake, with a focus on baby animals and their mama in this park.

The second option is Open Bounce at Pump It Up, the indoor party place with the inflatable bouncy houses. (From noon – 2pm, a short drive out to Brier Creek. I recommend buying advanced tickets for that day, you can get them on their website.)

Both event are early in the day, and leave plenty of time to come home and cook a yummy dinner for mommy!

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