The Ringling Brothers are in town! (2/8-2/12/2012)

I saw a few weeks ago that the Ringling Brothers will be in Raleigh this coming weekend and filed it in the back of my head to mention here. I was very excited when I drove down I-40 on Monday and right at that moment, the Ringling Brothers’ train was crossing the bridge over 40! A circus arriving by rail, now that brings back some very fond childhood memories of the The Daddy himself. The elephants and the Auguste clowns were my favorite. The horses and lions less so. But The Daddy has grown up, and while not a card-carrying member of PETA, he is now concerned with the proper treatment of the animals (and I’ve always felt sorry for Auguste). The fact that The Ringling Brothers have three animal care related links right on their front webpage shows that I’m not alone. If you go, educate yourself about the issue, and discuss it age-appropriately with the youngens. Look at PETA, look at the Circus website and judge for yourself. The circus is at the RBC Center from Wednesday, 2/8 – Sunday, 2/12. Tickets can be bought here.

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