A crafty Saturday in Durham (2/10/2012)

Alright dads, this is just for you – moms stop reading or forgo a surprise… What better way to melt a mom’s heart than with a handmade Valentine’s card from the little ones… thinks the casual dad and quickly runs through his scrapbooking and cardmaking skills and supplies and finds, well, maybe leave it to Hallmark. (They invented Valentine’s day anyway!) But The Daddy has a better idea. Give mom Saturday off and head to Durham. (I know, a bit of a drive, but that is the great thing about the Triangle: three small cities means a lot of choice.) Here is the complete guide to a long afternoon out (see GPS entries at the end): Sometime after lunch, get on your way (45min) to Durham, specifically to Bull City Craft. From 2p-5p, they are hosting a Valentine Card Bash, where the kids (and you) can make your own Valentine’s card. This is not a drop-off event, so you’ll have to get your own hands dirty, sticky and colorful. Trust me, it will be worth it. When the card(s) are done and someone gets antsy to do some more physical outdoors activity, pay for your card ($10) and head on an bit further down the road to Forest Hills Park, where the playground and fields should provide ample opportunity to get everybody tired. If a snack is demanded and you didn’t bring on, stop at Foster’s market on your way back (on 15-501Business, not far from Bull City Craft). (Shhh, pick up a little gift for Tuesday the 14th yourself!) With full stomachs and Valentine cards, head on home.

Check bullcitycraft.com before you leave. (Look for the event description in their calendar.)
Bull City Craft: 2501 University Drive, Durham NC
Forest Hills Park: 1639 University Drive, Durham NC
Foster’s: 2694 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham‎ NC

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