Attribution and Via

If you publish in the blogosphere, you should understand and apply the concept of attribution and via credits. I try my best to do; If you feel I don’t give you credit for something, let me know and I’ll correct it.

Attribution: (give credit to the artist/source)
Licensing terms are given for all images used, usually at the bottom of the article or page. I first try to find Creative Commons licensed images, or sometimes obtain images from the event organizers with permission or under the fair use (News) doctrine. Images without credit are typically my own. Let me know if I should credit you differently. I sometimes try to notify photographers, but I don’t always have the time to do so. Photos originally licenses under an SA license are are herewith made available under the same terms.

Text is always my own work except for brief attributed verbatim quotes.

Via: (give credit to where you heard about it)
Via credit is a newer concept, intended to give credit to other aggregators and channels. To find out about what is going on I review many listings (Independent, Carolina Parent, etc.), I’ve subscribed to newsletters from places like CAM or NCMA and I check the main websites of the parks department. Many events are listed on multiple sites, and it would not fair or meaningful to credit any one with a via. In instances where someone send me a heads-up on an event I would’ve missed otherwise I credit the person in the article. Information about event are gathered from their own website primarily.

Copyright: (my own)
To use an image, follow the associated link and see if the license works for you. Feel free to link to the website, an archived newsletter edition or an individual post or page. Do not link to individual media and contact me if you want to republish my writing.

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