Curious George or the Lorax? (tonight or Sunday)

We’re going through an intense Curious George phase at our house, so this caught my attention: Curious George himself will visit Barnes & Noble in Cary tonight, and read on of his books with the kids.

George is scheduled to appear at 7pm at the Cary Commons Barnes & Noble. There will be stories and photo ops.


If you are more a Dr. Seuss family, you’ll get your turn on Sunday. Note, however, that you need to register today at 919-3874342. At Harris Lake County Park, the Lorax will show the kids some Truffula Trees (strangely similar to our common Longleaf Pines), and take the kids on a hayride. This is $5/family.

curious george

Curious George by youngdoo, used under the CC BY-NC license.

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