Vet School Open House 2013

The Vet School Open House was a success last year, with exciting discoveries for dad and son alike. Highlights for the son were live farm animals, and the cats/dogs from various pet rescue charities. Highlights for the dad were the live surgery demo and the fistulated steer. (I still shudder thinking about it.)

We both really liked the skeletons on display in the main lobby (not explicitly mentioned in the visitor’s guide, and the teddy bear clinic. Mom’s teddy bear finally got stitches on  a traumatic burn wound sustained several decades ago. (We will have to look for another “injured” stuffed animal this year; if you go, make sure to bring one along. Nothing explains “veterinarian” better to a 2-year-old than a vet student stitching up a beloved teddy bear. Saturday, 9a-3p. (at the Vet School, next to the fairgrounds.)

teddy bear in need of surgery   vet school 2   vet school 3 Our teddy bear, before, during and after surgery.

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