A concert for kids with the NC Symphony (1/5/2013)

Classical music for kids. While I don’t subscribe to the theory that listening to Classical Music makes kids smarter, I do believe that exposure to this art form is a good idea at any age. (Plus, will Symphony Orchestras still be around when our kids reach our age?)

So whichever reason you choose, plan on taking your kids to Meymandi Hall, ideally for  one for the “Young People’s Concerts”. The first one was on Halloween, and the second one, Tales of Enchantment is scheduled for Saturday in a week, January-5, 2013. For this performance, the symphony is joined onstage by Enchantment Theatre Company, performing “puppetry, masked actors, magic, dance, and pantomime” to music from Maurice Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite.

Tickets are going fast, so I’m writing about this a wee bit early. There are two shows, at 1pm and at 4pm, and the recommended age is 4-12. (IF you can’t make it, a third (and different) concert is scheduled for March 9.

NC Symphony Conductor William Henry Curry

NC Symphony Conductor William Henry Curry

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