Touch a Truck (9/22/2012)

I featured another touch-a-truck event a while back that was in Chapel Hill, but this weekend we’ll have one in Raleigh: The best thing do do on Sunday afternoon is to head out to Dorton Arena on the fairgrounds and not only see, but touch, feel, smell, hear and operate all sorts of cool vehicles. From 11-12 is a ‘silent hour’ for special needs children (or others who hate loud noises), and no horn will be blown and no lights will be flashed.

After 12, “all the fire trucks go berserk!” (free after Sandra Boynton) as kids are allowed to sound the horns and activate the sirens!

There is an admission fee of $5/child (max. $20/family), but it is for a good cause. The event is put together by the Cary Pilot Club, and proceeds go towards helping people with brain-related disorders and injuries.

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