BugFest 2012 (9/15/2012)

Every year in September, Centennial Plaza and surrounding areas turn into a crawly, fluttery, buzzing celebration of our dear friends, the insects. Everybody working with insects will be there, from the Franklin County Beekeepers to Alberti’s Flea Circus. Special guest this year: The mantids. (The picture above is from our own Boylan Heights backyard; parying mantis are not uncommon around here.)

The one attraction I haven’t been able to stomach in previous years, but may attempt this year is Cafe Insecta. If you have a funny feeling about what this might be, you’re right. We’re not talking about ladybug shaped cookies or spaghetti “worms”. We’re talking bugs. Real bugs. You eat them. The good news? Prepared by famous Raleigh chefs. Try Cricket Bruschetta, courtesy of Wilmoore Cafe. Or Peanut Bugger Crunch from buku. I dare you!

BugFest is on Saturday from 9am-7pm, and beyond grilled bugs, there are tons of other exciting activities and presentations.

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