ShopScotch and Saturday Market (9/8/2012)

The Saturday Market @ Rebus Works

Do you remember the “City Utopias” of yesteryear, wacky prophecies of skyscrapers that house everything from a farm to entertainment to work to living, with people never venturing outside anymore? Well, the trend scouts and city planners didn’t think it would look quite like this, but Rebus Works’ Saturday Market is very close. Music, Art, Food – you can easily stay the whole day if you want.

Saturday Market is taking place as usual from 9am to 2pm. Starting at noon, everything starts morphing into ShopScotch, which will go from 12p to 5p. In addition to the veggie stands and food trucks of the Saturday market, there will be a large craft vendor gathering (look on their facebook page for details), five bands and more food trucks.

If your kids are not quite ready yet for a full-blown Hopscotch Day party, head to Rebus. “Come for breakfast, stay for lunch, stretch it to dinner!”

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