Winston-Salem Air Show 2012

Ok, it is not Oshkosh, and it is not in downtown Raleigh. But if you don’t want to drive 1,000 miles and still see more than the WRAL-TV helicopter, the Winston-Salem Air Show may just be the perfect compromise.

About 2 hours each way, this day trip promises a day of “planes, trucks, and automobiles” (no trains, sorry.) Taking place both Saturday and Sunday, with partially overlapping schedules, a day trip is probably sufficient. Saturday or Sunday, you choose.

Apart from the usual stagger wing antique planes and fighter jet fly-overs, this Air Show also has some surface vehicle like a jet-engine powered school bus, and well, the Turbo Toilet: someone said, “now why don’t I mount a Boeing jet engine on a port-a-potty and fart around the nation’s airshows?” Yeah, why don’t you.

In addition to the static displays, there is also a kids’ zone, live music and much more. The show hours are 10a-5p both Sunday and Saturday.

1932 Waco UEC cabin biplane  by Armchair Aviator, used under the CC BY license

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