Jazz in the Park (and more) at Oak View Park (6/9/2012)

Oak View Park, a few minutes East of downtown, is “a 19th-century historic farmstead with a mission to interpret North Carolina’s agricultural heritage and rural history” and a destination in its own right. This Saturday afternoon, a visit is even more worthwhile because they have partnered with the Shaw University radio station WSHA to create “Jazz in the Park”.

Jazz may not be the type of music your kids hear at home every day, and something new in their ears can never hurt. (Speaking of “ears” and “hurt”: The reason I prefer outdoors concerts with kids is that you have much more control over sound levels by just staying away from the speakers, which is not always possible indoors.) Plus, Jazz performers with their shiny instruments and (usually) classy attire always fascinate kids.

Once you’re done with Jazz, stay for the agricultural exhibits, pet the Nubian goats or take stroll to the fishing pond.

The park is by the Poole Rd. exit of the beltline. The concert is from 12-3.

The photo is Googa Mooga by JP-Flanigan, used under the  CC BY-NC-SA license

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