Memorial Day and Marbles = Bubbles! (5/28/2012)

Call me old school, but Thanksgiving is not about the turkey, and Memorial Day is not about the beach. I believe – no matter your political perspective – that teaching about the meaning behind our holidays is something we should aim for as parents. Now explaining that we give thanks for the harvest is understood at a very early age. But how do you explain the gruesome, complicated, heroic memory of the Civil and other wars to a little kid? Marbles has the answer: With Bubbles! And patriotic pinwheels! And a 21-soda geyser salute!  I do think that this gets something across, if only that there is a lot of red-white-and-blue and that this day is not like other days. You can save the discussion about veterans and flags on half-staff for later; if they are interested, it just might be because they have realized that this is a special day at a very early age.

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