F as in Fun…draising (4/28/2012)

Fundraising for education, a constant topic across the nation.

Two events I came across have as goal to raise awareness and raise funds for schools, and both are part of the Wake County Public School System.

First, Project Enlightenment holds its now annual Project Palooza, a “…community-wide family fun event celebrating Project Enlightenment’s forty-three years of outstanding service…” If you always wondered what Project Enlightenment does, read a more conceptual explanation or some real-life examples. With all the changes in WCPSS, its future seemed threatened for a while, and they can always use support for their work. Saturday, 4/28, 10am-1pm.

Second, similar but different, Middle Creek Elementary School in Apex holds its annual PTA fundraiser, the MCES Spring Carnival, also on Saturday. Maybe I don’t know enough about PTA’s, but this seems to be the “Rolls Royce” of PTA fundraisers. (A quick search at other Wake schools didn’t bring up anything similar.) They have food vendors, a ton of games (Lollipop Tree! Lego Speed Build! Nail/Tattoo Shop! BeanBag Toss! and so on…), many of them tied into a raffle that will yield cool prices, but also some spare change for the PTA’s initiatives. Again, with the future of the WCPSS assignment plan also uncertain, it might as well be that your Raleigh child will end up in an Apex school. Why not check them out, and have some fun while doing so!
Saturday, 4/28, 4pm-8pm. (So you can go to both of them!)

Lemonade Stand with staff by Harris County Public Library, used under the  CC BY-NC-SA license

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