Shakori Hills Festival (4/19-4/22 2012)

Shakori Hills (2008)

If you’re one of those folks who used to go to festivals in the BC era (Before Children), this is the season where you start thinking back to the good old days of outdoors live music, bonfire-roasted marshmallows, beer spilled on your sleeping bag and not-finding-your-tent-anymore at three o’clock in the morning. But we’ve grown up, moved on, and little kids and rowdy festivals don’t mix well. Or do they? If you want to inject some alt-rock riffs and Americana tunes into your little ones’ bloodstream, Shakori Hills is the way to go. Because the day that they fly out on their own to the future Bonnaroo or Burning Man will be here tomorrow, and you might want to go while they still come with you.

I have been to Shakori Hills a couple of times, but not yet with kids. Yes, there are the late night campfires and most activities you would expect at a ‘hippie festival’. But I do remember seeing a lot of kids, and I feel that this festival is definitely a tamer, safer version. Reviewing their website and Spring 2012 program, there is actually a ton of kids activities. There is play dough and giant bubble wands for the youngest, circus classes for kids 4+, Hoop classes for age 6-12, scavenger hunt, kids yoga, make your own tie-dye, all the way up to open mic and improv workshop for teenagers.  You just might not get a chance to see a band with all the kids stuff going on!

Keep in mind, this is a music festival, and as everywhere there will be some folks who don’t know when to stop. But the peaceful, kid-friendly folks are definitely in the majority. Keep a watchful eye, but this will be a worry-free, relaxing weekend for you and your kids alike.

Sharoki Hills Grassroots Festival is this weekend in Chatham County, about 30 minutes from Raleigh on Hwy-64. Started yesterday, until Sunday. Kids under 12 free, day passes $25-$45, 4-day-pass $100.

If you have been to Shakori Hills, especially with kids, please comment below!

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