First Friday (Fri 4/6/12)

Karolina Sobecka, Sniff. Courtesy of the artist.

Karolina Sobecka, Sniff. Courtesy of the artist. (Currently on Display at CAM Raleigh.)

First Friday is always a good idea to expose to the kids to some art and downtown happenings. Born Digital (including the digital dog pictured on the left) is still up at CAM, I wrote a review about it last week. There is a high school art project on display at VAE, that could be interesting: Students from Garner High School created an art project in one of those movable storage container (PODS) and it is sitting outside VAE in a parking space. (Upcoming First Fridays will feature different schools in the same space.) The main highlights are two events that are probably too close together time-wise to catch both:

First, Invisible is doing a performance at CAM at 7:30p. I’ve seen the Greensboro-based group once live in concert, and it is mesmerizing for the young and old. My best description would be ‘steam punk synthesizers’. Think an old piano triggering little hammers that bang on found objects. Amazing to see and hear. They will perform The New Obsolete. (Below is a video of an older project.)

Second, Morning Times is hosting the Morning Times Market (many artists, including Johnny Swank who I like), and the Pickle Mamas will be “fire hooping” with the Raleigh Drum Circle. It is schedule at 8pm, so you probably have to make up your mind: Warehouse District or Salisbury and Hargett. Either way, the kids will enjoy it. (No rain expected, but dress warm enough the be outside.)

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