Review of Vet School Open House 2012

On 3/31/2012 we went to the Open House of the College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State University that I wrote about earlier. The event was very, very well organized, and I would say it is interesting for anyone 18 months old or older, and we will keep this on our radar for the coming years.

Our 2-year-old liked that his teddy bear with an old and nasty burn wound did finally receive proper medical treatment. He also enjoyed seeing the mares with their 6-week old foals, and observing how a cow gets milked.

I found it surprising that he recognized many of the skeletons on display throughout the building. Horse, Lion, Cat, Giraffe, were all studied with great interest. The only one that left him puzzled was the elephant; I wonder if that is because the trunk was not visible. (No bones about it!).

But the parents also got to see many interesting sights, some of them still lingering long after dinner: A documentary about animal parasites was shown while we waited for the teddy bear surgery, and I saw way too much of it. Some animal got spayed in the glass-walled OR, but I didn’t look closely enough to see if it was a cat or a dog. And yes, I went to see the fistulated steer. By my self. And only from far.

If you missed it, come back next year. We will, knowing that other displays will become age-appropriate and a return visit will not be boring. Original post here.

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