Ribbit! 13th Annual Frog Fest (3/31/12)


Note: This was written in 2012. In 2013, the event is on Apr-5 from 11-3p.

I continue to be amazed about some of the more outlandish “Annual xyz events” I come across. This one looks promising though, for a couple of reasons: First, if an event has lasted for 13 years, it must be good. Second, I’ve had Crowder District Park on my list-of-parks-to-visit for a while, and this will be a good reason to do so.

The event promises educational activities for the whole family centered around frogs and clean water. Hours are from 11am – 3pm and ‘food is available for purchase’, whatever that means. (Hot dogs and snow cones, I guess!)

The park is a 25 min drive south of downtown, at 4709 Ten-Ten Road in Apex.


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