Cary Kite Festival (Sat 3/10/2012)

Twirling with the kite by oddharmonic, used under the CC-BY-SA license_resized

Kite flying is fun!

Don’t let the rainy Friday fool you – tomorrow will be sunny. It will be a bit cold and not very windy, so I’m curious to see how the “expert kite flyer” will do his or her “stunt flying demonstration”. The kiting competition does not seem to be too fiercly competitive; there are awards for best crash, smallest kite, most un-flyable kite and so on. The event is at Bond Park in Cary – even if the kite flying is a lull, there is a lot of other stuff to do in this large park.

The picture is Twirling with the kite by oddharmonic , used under the  CC-BY-SA license.

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