Bug Songs! (2/18/2012)

What's the buzz?

Take a few bugs, take a symphony orchestra, mix well, and out comes Bug Songs. The NC Symphony, under their NC Symphony for Kids program (ages 4-12) will be performing songs about insects on March-10. We’ll feature that event here as well, but go ahead and mark your calendars just in case. (I want to go just to see what else they come up with beside Rimsky-Korsakov and Saint-Saens.) To get a preview and some hands-on exposure to the instruments, head down to Marbles this Saturday, 2/18 between 11am and 2pm. Kids can see and touch instruments, a ‘real clarinet player’ will be there and more. Music Makers, a joint effort between Marbles and the Symphony sounds very exciting – with bugs or without!

The picture above is Flight of the Bumblebee by Flavio@Flickr, used under the CC-BY license

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