Review of “A Rollicking Tale of Blackbeard!” by Storytellers To Go (2012)

On Saturday, 1/28, my son and I went to see A Rollicking Tale of Blackbeard! Pirate of the Carolina Coast by Storytellers To Go and I we have to give it a glowing review. Storytellers To Go is a performance class for teenagers by Raleigh Little Theater. From what I saw, I should send my kids there someday.

Storytellers To Go perform "A Rollicking Tale of Blackbeard"

Why did we like it? The show is aimed at 5 years and up, (but was advertised ‘all ages’ by the library), and most of the audience in that age group was glued to the action. Moreover, my not-quite two-years-old stay engaged for the whole time, which is a compliment in itself. (He particularly liked Shelley the loggerhead turtle and the pirate dance.) Then the Daddy (me), who consider himself not completly unaware of our coast’s history actually learned something. (Yes, I did go back and looked up the Blockade of Charleston and Governor Alexander Spotswood on Wikipedia.)

Blackbeard uses his shell phone

The acting was ‘not bad’, considering this is a theater class for teenagers, the plot a goodmix of funny (shout-out to Blackbeard’s shellphone) and educating. ‘Less would’ve been more’ (I never quite figured out what the gray squirrels had to do with everything, other than being our state mammal), but all in all it was well worth our time, fondly remembered, and a good advertisement of the Little Theater’s Youth Education Program.

It looks like I caught on of the first shows of this season, and the play can be seen again on the following Saturdays as follows:

Saturday Febuary 4, 2:00pm:   North Carolina Museum of History
Saturday Febuary 11, 2:00pm:   West Regional Library (but check, I didn’t find any reference there)
Saturday Febuary 18, 3:00pm: North Regional Library
Saturday Febuary 25, 2:00pm Halle Cultural Arts Center of Apex (but check, I didn’t find  any reference there)

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