That’s what I call storytelling! (1/28/2012)

Cameron Village Regional Library is hosting the Raleigh Little Theater Storytellers, who tell the story of our local pirate hero, Blackbeard with “puppets, a sea chantey, and a wild pirate dance“. If the weather is still cold, this might be a good reason to go inside and warm up for 45 minutes. Arrgh!
If you haven’t been to Cameron Village Regional Library, check it out. It has a nice kids’ books section. After the story, stop by Fresh Market and buy some fresh produce with the kids and cook dinner together. See, there’s your plan for Saturday! I dedicate this first post to my wife, an avid fan of this library.

The library is in Cameron Village, at 1930 Clark Avenue. The event is on Saturday at 3 pm.

Update 1/30: Read our review of this event.

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