Strawberry Farm: Smith’s Nursery

I stopped by Smith’s Nursery to pick strawberries in 2012 as well, but never had time for a longer write. The brief review from 2012 was:

The foodiest: Smith Farms is also a bit remote and may thus still be in business when the others are done. Also offers one-stop-shopping for berries, produce and dairy.

Smith's Nursery

We went there this year for a mother’s day outing, and everybody enjoyed it. The staff is very friendly and Sarah Smith personally welcomed us to her farm. Smith Nursery is not as “touristy” as Porter’s, but also very well organized. The have other food for sale (Produce, Dairy, some Meat) and lots of flowers and plants. Most strawberry farms sell other products too, but this is a very nice selection. Oh, and they have ice cream!

Smith’s is the longest drive of all farms on this site, about half an hour from downtown. Take 40 South and let the GPS guide you to the farm at 443 Sanders Road,  Benson, NC 27504. On a great picking day (like the sunny mother’s day afternoon we picked), this may be one farm where you still find some quiet rows.

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