Ridge Road Pool

Ridge Road PoolLast updated: 5/23/2013

Ridge Road Pool will end the season on Sept-2 , 2013.

To be fair, we only visited Ridge Road Pool once so far, in order to write this page. Ridge Road is a nice facility and a welcome diversion, but we will probably stay regulars at Lake Johnson Pool, our favorite pool.

What we like:
Ridge Road Pool is in a nice location surrounded by trees. It is smaller than Lake Johnson Pool, and the spray yard and wading pool are combined. (I would say that it is personal taste whether you like the combined version here or the split version at Lake Johnson.)
The adult pool has a deep section that is up to 12ft deep – interesting once your kids develop an interest in diving. But most is about 4-6″, convenient for swimming as well as walking around with a non-swimmer in arms. Ridge Road also has several picnic tables scattered throughout, which is nice.

What we wish for:
The spray yards at both Lake Johnson and at Chavis Park are more entertaining than the one here. While the pool is surrounded by tall trees, they don’t provide shade to all areas, and the wading pool and spray yard seem to be in the sun at all times.

Lake Johnson is open until 8pm M-S and until 6pm on Sunday. Check the City website for details. Phone: 919-420-2322 Address: 1709 Ridge Rd. 27607 Raleigh

Ridge Road Pool

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