Lake Johnson Pool

Lake Johnson PoolLast Updated: 5/23/2013

Lake Johnson Pool ends the season on Sep-2, 2013.

To be upfront: Lake Johnson is our favorite. It is the first pool we visited regularly and where my son got first introduced to”live at the pool”, so I might be slightly biased. And even though Ridge Road and Chavis Park provide a welcome diversion from time to time, Lake Johnson is our regular hangout.

Why we like it:
Lake Johnson has three separate areas for spray yard, wading (“kiddie”) pool and adult pool. The enclosed spray yard has a grassy area on two sides, making it the perfect location for a quick weeknight picnic. Since the spray yard is very safe (water depth maybe two inches at the most), parent can chill on the side lines and let the kids enjoy the various spray features.
The wading pool is separate, and its advantage is that it lies in the shade during the evening hours thanks to large pine trees nearby. Features chairs and some canopies for a picnic option in the shade.
The adult pool is large enough for splashing toddlers, rambunctious teens and lap-swimming grown-ups.
Lake Johnson Pool has ample parking (note, not the same location as Lake Johnson lakefront), is in a nice wooden setting and usually not very crowded. Tall trees provide shade, although not for the spray yard.

What we wish for:
Lake Johnson is a very nice facility and well maintained, and our complaints are few. The central feature of the spray yard is impressive and powerful, and can easily knock the youngest ones over – guide your kids during the first visit. The wading pool is often a nice temperature, but from time to time very cold. Not sure if it is related to the water-replacing regime or what.

Lake Johnson is open until 8pm M-S and until 6pm on Sunday. Check the City website for details. Phone: 919-233-2111, Address: 1416 Athens Dr. 27606 Raleigh

Lake Johnson Pool

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