Greystone Indoor Playground

I read about Greystone Indoors Playground a while ago, and have been curious ever since. This week, an errand brought me in the vicinity, and I went to check it out – alas without toddler in tow, so it was kind of a dry run. (I got a few funny looks walking in with just a tiny baby.)

Greystone Indoor PlaygroundGreystone is a good idea, nicely executed, even though it has a touch of futuristic sadness to it. (Think of the spaceship in Wall-E.) The walls are beautifully painted by Denise Hughes, the playground equipment is clean and still looks brand-new, and the climbing wall is well done. The idea for this indoors playground came about when the City was looking for new playground spaces, and happened upon a half-empty strip mall. (It also has a Food Lion and other businesses, is no longer half-empty and does not look dilapidated like I expected.)

There were a handful of toddlers running around, and they had a blast. Why someone from downtown Raleigh would drive 20 minutes north is a good question, because I assume that this place must be absolutely packed on rainy (or hot) weekends. But if you have a toddler at home during a rainy weekday and want to release some stored energy, go check it out! Also, if you’ve ever visited on a busy weekend, let me know how it was. Greystone is also a “regular” community center, with dance classes etc.

greystone-indoor-playgroundLocation: in Greystone Village Shopping Center
7713-55 Lead Mine Road
Raleigh, NC 27615

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