Chavis Pool

Last updated: 6/13/2013

Chavis Pool ends the summer season on Aug-18, 2013.

Chavis Pool looks very inviting from the playground just next to it, and is also close to the newly renovated and reopened carousel.

What we like:
Chavis pool is a larger setting than both Lake Johnson Pool and Ridge Road Pool, and there are no lap lanes taking up any space. As another unique feature, Chavis Pool has a slide into the adult pool.
Chavis has probably the best spray yard inside the beltline, and it is also uniquely combined with a wading pool. Unlike the pool at Lake Johnson (and better than Ridge Road), the wading pool is a long gradual slope, so young kids can play in water anywhere from 1/4″ to about 16″ deep.
Chavis is (almost) in walking distance of downtown, and most centrally located of all pools.

What we wish for:
There is not much to complain. There is not as much grass as at other pools, but a brick ledge at the fence provides a nice place to sit on.

Chavis Pool is open until 10am – 8pm M-F and 1pm – 5pm on Sat/Sun. Check the City website for details. Phone: 919-831-6565 Address: 720 Chavis Way 27601 Raleigh

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